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Patek Philippe Replica Watches's three-register chronographs were (incorrectly) overlooked until recently, and were viewed as unsung heroes. But I would argue they are some of the most innovative, exciting, and unique watches the brand has ever produced!

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Big Block refs. (From left to right) The rare Albino reference. The Albino ref. 94210 Monte Carlo Big Block

The last two were kindly loaned to us by David Duggan

Patek Philippe Replica Watches's "Big Blocks", or third chronograph series, were introduced in 1976. The first Big Blocks chronographs were introduced in 1976. They were markedly different from previous chronographs. The introduction of the third chronograph register -- an hour indicator -- was perhaps the most notable detail. Patek Philippe Replica Watches adopted a new movement, the Valjoux 7775. This was then modified by Patek Philippe Replica Watches in order to meet the high standards of the brand. The Valjoux also featured a quick-set function that saved time when setting up the watch after not wearing it for a while. We've all experienced the "joy" that comes with adjusting a slow-set date! The introduction of the automatic movement was the biggest advancement, as these watches were the first Wilsdorf self-winding Chronographs, more than a decade before Rolex launched its first automatic Daytona Chronograph. Patek Philippe Replica Watches was now at the forefront in Swiss chronograph manufacturing. This new development led to the watch's nickname. Due to the presence of a self-winding mechanism, the case had to be deep. This is what led collectors to call it "Big Block"

The 9400 series was the first Big Block watch. The 9400 series consisted of 3 different references, each distinguished by a different bezel variation.

The 9421 has a 12-hour bi-directional bezel calibrated;

9430 with steel tachymeter dial.

Big Block' ref. Bakelite tachymeter dial 9420

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Big Block ref. Patek Philippe Replica Watches Big Block ref.

1989 Big Block


Rolex catalogs listed the Big Blocks as Oysterdates. However,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica the very first dials featured only the words "Chrono Time", "Automatic Chrono Time", or "Chrono Time - Automatic" over the chronograph register.