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Richard Mille Replica are the mysterious world of military watches, and they are the area that is most secretive. My four closest friends and most influential Richard Mille Replica collectors are also my personal friends. I've seen literally dozens of watches from them over the years, and am still a bit baffled. I am however very familiar with Richard Mille Replica. They are in many respects a more broad subject than their Rolex counterparts because they were issued to a wider range of military forces across the globe.

Where do we begin with Richard Mille Replica, then? The caseback is the key to Tudors. Rolex produced the military-only Submariner refs after the British MOD requested that Rolex produce watches which met detailed specifications. The double reference 5513/17, the 5513/17, and 5517/5513 were all produced to meet these specifications. The watches were required to have a specific hand shape for visibility, 60-minute markers on the bezel (for accuracy), fixed straps (for security), and a circled "T" on the dial indicating the use of tritium luminescent on the hour markers and hands.replica watches

The casebacks of the watches were also completely engraved. However, from the front they were very different than a Rolex Submariner 5512. Military departments who decided to give their troops Tudor Submariners had a much more relaxed approach and were content to just issue standard Tudor Submariners. However, they would engrave their casebacks in order to track the watches or to show ownership. The fun starts...

The majority of collectors only knew about the French Richard Mille Replica - the watches that the French National Navy, Marine Nationale, issued to its divers, diving schools, and vessels. Snowflake Submariners are probably the most well-known of all the French Richard Mille Replica. They have the engraving "MN" on the caseback. It is always MN, followed by the abbreviated version of the date of issue. For example, a watch from 1976 would be "MN 76". The format was introduced in 1974 but the story started much earlier.Cartier Replica Watches

The French Navy played an important role in the Submariner's development and was Tudor’s partner for research and development "on the ground". The French Navy provided detailed feedback about what worked and what could have been improved. This was valuable to Tudor, and helped shape not only what was produced for Navy but also what Tudor's commercial output was globally.